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Radio Remote Control

Remote control systems & electrical / hydraulic control solutions

SPEC/Cavotec R-1000 radio remote control systems are engineered and manufactured in close co-operation with our worldwide based customers. These radio remote control systems are engineered to ensure safe and efficient remote operations. Our systems have been designed based on the most advanced technology and components.

  • Digital functions up to 64 and analog functions up to 19
  • Uses two Li-ion batteries with smart discharge and hot swap which is essential for battery optimization and continuous operation
  • Perfect use for applications with many interconnected processes with guarantee of non-interrupted operation
  • Suitable for harsh environment mining, industrial applications and maritime conditions
  • High mechanical and chemical resistance due to the specific moulded housing.
  • Mining: LHD Equipment, Blockholers, Jumbo’s, Long Hole Drills, Rockbreakers, Shotcrete Sprayers
  • Off Shore: Oil Skimmers, Drilling Rigs, Catwalks, Raiser Chutes, Roughnecks, BOP, ROV systems, Pipe Handlers, A-frames
  • General Industry: Loaders, Forestry slashers, Dozers, Excavators, Recovery vehicles, Concrete pumps, Conveyance, Fire fighting systems, fueling
  • systems
  • Railway: Surface locomotives, Underground locomotives

Wireless Video

Remote control systems

LHD Video Mucking

The system provides forward and reverse views for RRC mucking when a clear view of the LHD is limited due to draw-point constraints etc. The 900Mhz design is well suited for mucking around corners etc.

The RF video link employs a unique "Diversity" based technique to provide a best-case "Auto" selection of the dual received signals. The Video Receiver unit has the facility to select a local cabled Camera for additional video feedback.


Electrical packages & rewire kits

Electrical rewire packages for mobile equipment and stationary equipment.
New and redesigned machine dash control units complete with harnessing as required.
Electrical interfacing systems to facilitate remote control capabilities on mobile equipment.
Customer branded control units and remote systems designed and manufactured to customer requirement.
Electro-Hydraulic control systems.
Wiring systems built using Military specification wiring and components to provide extreme durability.


Mill spec wire
PMA loom and fittings
Weidmuller terminals, component holders, wire tags, supplies, etc.
Equipment rewire components, etc.
22mm & 30mm assorted control switches, operators, indicating lights, etc.
Remote control PCB boards, components, etc.
RRC hydraulic pilot control valves, cartridges, coils, etc.
Video cameras
Gessman joysticks and controllers
SPEC/Cavotec control systems no description yet